3 Reasons why Barbell Earrings are a Thing of the Past

3 Reasons why Barbell Earrings are a Thing of the Past

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A good piece of earring can not only dazzle up your look but also boost your mood. The charm and glow offered by a perfect earring to your face can never be matched with any other form of jewellery or cosmetic. There are many forms of earrings for girls which have been in the trend since time immemorial. Right from the queens of ancient times to the modern Indian women, everybody has a weakness for the perfect pair of earrings.

The popular form of earrings for women include the studs, barbell, hoops, danglers, chandeliers, jhumkas, chandbalis, etc. Among all these types the barbell earrings have currently lost its charm. They consist of a straight piece of metal with a ball or bead on its either end. They were mostly used by women during ear piercing. This form of earrings is considered as a thing of the past due to its subtle taste. They are no more in trend now. Here are the reasons which led to the loss of interest about the barbell earrings among the trendy younger women of today.

  • The Barbell Earrings are not Stylish

The barbell earrings are no longer considered stylish by the modern Indian women. They have very limited options when it comes to the variation in designs and patterns. They mostly hold on to the ears and have very limited visibility. The barbell earrings do not have any ornamentations or embellishments. They are very simple in their approach. It is difficult to sport them in the parties as the crowd would fail to notice them. In comparison, other modern earrings have a lot of variation. They are extravagant and stylish at the same time.

The market is now flooded with many other stylish forms of earrings which are considered as a fashion statement. If you wish to buy some really stylish and trendy earrings then you can log in to the portals of popular fashion websites like Fynd, Voylla, Amazon, Mirraw, Myntra, etc.  Let us now take a look at the different fashionable earrings which are in trend nowadays.

  • Drop Earrings

The drop earrings are considered as one of the most stylish and trendy jewellery of modern times. It consists of a gem or stone which is attached to the earlobe and features another stone which drops down from the main stone as a chain or hoop. The drop earrings are a must in every woman’s jewellery box. They are available in various size and designs. Some of them are small enough to hang just below the earlobe while others are large and chunky to reach almost your shoulder. The drop earrings can be embellished with pearls, beads, gems and stones. They are generally made up of gold, silver, oxidised metal, sterling silver, etc. This form of earrings is perfect for a friendly outing or a classy dinner party.

  • Chandelier Earrings

The chandelier earrings demonstrate a generous dose extravagance and speak volumes of the aesthetic sense of the wearer. The speciality of the chandelier earrings lies in the fact that it consists of tiers of beads or jewels in its design. They have been used by the women for several centuries. The chandelier earrings are a type of long earrings which hang below your earlobe. They can be attached to your ears with the help of a hook, stud or a clip-on. This popular form of earrings is made up of gold, silver, German silver, oxidised metal, etc. They are a perfect accessory to be worn in the wedding or any other Indian social functions.

  • Jhumkas

The jhumkas are considered the most desirable and classic earrings of the Indian women. The word jhumka signifies bell as the earring is shaped in the bell form. They are actually a form of temple jewellery and were traditionally worn while performing the famous dance form Bharatnatyam. The brides in Eastern India also like to adorn the jhumkas during their wedding. They are mostly made of gold or golden-hued metal and are embellished with precious stones like ruby, emerald, pearl, etc.

So, these were a few popular forms of earrings which are currently in trend nowadays. Log in to the website of Fynd, Voylla, Amazon, Mirraw, Myntra, etc to check out the latest collection of modern Indian earrings.

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