A Guide to Drug Detoxification

A Guide to Drug Detoxification

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Many people in the present generation are addicting to something like alcohols, pills, drugs, cigarette, games etc. Simply addiction is a condition of over using of any substance. Over dosage of any substance leads to risk. Addiction is a mental and physical disorder that takes time to treat.

Drug Addiction: All medicines are drugs, but all drugs are not medicines. Drug addiction is psychological and physical dependence on substances like Heroin, cocaine, Analgesics, Marijuana. Drug addiction is a chronic disease. When any one is unable to stop or use of the drug and cannot live without the drug, they are highly addicted to that drugs. Why they are addicting is those drugs are giving temporary relaxation from stress and depression. One can feel very happy and soothing while consuming drugs.

First stage of addiction:  In the initial stage it is not possible to detect the addiction. Continuous cravings for the drug are the first symptom that a person is addicted to that drug.

Second stage of addiction: At this stage the person may feel depressed, irritate and headache. Once they took the drug again they will feel relaxed. To get the same feeling they consume more and more and it leads to over dosage. When the drug is overdosed, the symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, chest pain, confusion, drowsy occurs. This stage leads to coma or death.

Drug Detox or withdrawal: Detoxification is the primary step for treatment. Withdrawal symptoms usually occur when the body becomes habituated to the drug that is consumed over a long period of time and then either stopped completely or gradually reduced in dosage. The withdrawal symptoms begin to show; however, most of the drugs take ample amount of time. This is because the reactions of the drugs in a human body depends on the user and the quantity of drug consumed.

The detoxification processes are different for persons depending on the drugs and their usage. The goal of detoxification is the removal of drugs from the blood stream. At OC Detox, Medical practitioners have effective withdrawal plans to treat.

Detoxification process:

Evaluate: In the face the patients who have undergone blood tests to gauge the drug amount present in the blood stream.

Stabilization: In this stage the patient stabilized with the medical treatment and psychological treatment. And medications to reduce the withdrawal symptoms are prescribed.

Preparing for Treatment: This is the final stage of detoxification. Doctors guide their patients with the upcoming results and the treatment process too.

Some side effects like nausea, mood swings, stress and anxiety may occur at the time of detoxification, but they are gradually cured with the progress in treatment. The OC Detox offering medical Detox and rehabilitation programs for healing drug addiction disorders.

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