Benefits of Breed Specific Pet Insurance

Benefits of Breed Specific Pet Insurance

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Pet insurance is geared towards the type of pet. For example, dog insurance is going to have some different stipulations from cat insurance. Each type of pet has different expected annual exam fees and health issues. When insurance companies are asking about the pet you wish to insure, they may also ask about the breed. This can help them set the pricing more accurately. Different dog breeds are more susceptible to certain illnesses from others. Boxers, for example, often have cancerous skin growths. An insurance policy for a boxer should be set up to accommodate for these expenses. Breed specific insurance protects both you and the insurance company.


The premium you pay for your policy is determined by many factors. You may also have some stipulations to adhere to so that you can keep your premiums low. Preventative care is a big help when it comes to keeping your dog healthy and in accordance with the insurance rules.  You can also choose different degrees of coverage. If you have a young puppy, you may be able to work with minimal coverage. This is not always possible when your dog begins to age. It is advisable to stay with the same insurance company the entire time you own your pet. This helps when you need to tailor the policy to fit your pet and circumstances.


Poodle pet insurance is a common specialty policy. As with any full-breed dog, there are certain health issues that are expected to come up. The insurance company may compensate for this by charging a higher overall premium, or limiting reimbursement on certain ailments. Standard poodles fall into the category of large-breed dogs. They are often plagued by hip dysplasia, presenting with weak and deteriorating hip joints. Young puppies should be started on a diet for large breed puppies. This can help keep their joints from developing too quickly. Your insurance policy, however, makes an effort to compensate for the expenses of this and other poodle specific issues. The entire point is to make sure that you have enough coverage. Epilepsy, Addison’s disease, and thyroid issues are also common with this breed. You may be encouraged to purchase more coverage in preparation for ongoing issues and medications.

Navigating a Claim

It is important to learn about filing a claim before you even need one. This way you can be prepared at the veterinarian’s office. Be sure to get copies of all paperwork explaining the visit, as well as receipts. The insurance company is going to want to know that the services rendered were necessary for your dog’s health. Submit the paperwork and any notations from the doctor. You are often reimbursed in a few weeks.

Breed specific dog insurance simply adds a little extra protection for owners of special breeds. Many breeds have developed severe issues over many years of improper breeding. Dogs with more variation are often healthier. Standard poodles are one breed that has issues due to their large size. Joints need to be protected. The insurance company wants to make sure you have the proper coverage when it comes to special breeds.

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