Everything About Mercedes AMG Models – Know Why Investing In It Makes Sense!

Everything About Mercedes AMG Models – Know Why Investing In It Makes Sense!

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Mercedes-AMG GmbH which is most commonly termed as AMG is one of the most high performance brands that are used by the Mercedes Benz. AMG hires the contracts and engineers independently with the manufacturers for customizing Mercedes Benz AMG vehicles.

AMG models generally have higher performance level, more aggressive looks, better stability, and better handling as compared to regular Mercedes Benz counterparts. They are typically quite expensive as well as highest performing variant of each of the Mercedes Benz class. Let us explore more about the models of AMG Mercedes in the following section!

Mercedes AMG A-45 4Matic

This model represents entry level to the AMG ownership. Having turbocharged 355hp engine, it is fastest A-class. As a matter of fact, it can even comfortably sprint basic Porsche 911!

Mercedes AMG C 63

It is latest addition to the AMG’s armory. It is in fact fast version of Mercedes C-class. It can complete 0-62mph dash in 4.2 seconds only. It comes with saloon car body and traditional automatic gearbox which makes it an easy fit for AMG badge as compared to A 45.

Mercedes AMG E 63

Just like C 63, AMG E 63 drops 4.0 liter V8 and comes with 5.5 liter V8 that is helped by pair of turbochargers. However, it is a bit bigger than C 63. It offers just sufficient oomph to better up C 63 by extra 79hp.

AMG Line!

It brings some amazing cosmetic additions like AMG body kit. On inside, it has stainless steel pedals, an ample of synthetic leather, and AMG steering wheel. However, AMG line even brings some of the most useful technical enhancements like bigger brakes and more responsive steering setup. All of these make AMG cars great fun to drive as compared to its lesser versions.

AMG Sport

It is a new trim that is designed to fight with BMW’s M-performance cars. AMG Sport actually represents halfway house between regular Mercedes and full blooded AMG model. It even gets choice suspension as well as steering upgrades. However, these are not too aggressive as those on the full fat models of AMG.

AMG models can indeed be the best cars to drive as well as quickest. However, it should be remembered that they come with large running costs for tax, insurance, and fuel.

If you are really fond of driving and have heavy wallet, then AMG models can be best bet for you. They even have much better value than the regular Mercedes models.

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