F1 status students please save the following timeline

F1 status students please save the following timeline

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But don’t forget one thing during this time, especially for F1 students, remember to extend your F1 status so that you can legally stay in the US while waiting for the h1b results. Generally speaking, if you take the h1b visa (Also known as h1b签证), the Immigration Department will automatically update your SEVIS record, your identity will be automatically extended, but just in case, we still need to take the initiative to inform the school’s International Student Office to complete.

 April 2 – April 6

The immigration office receives the h1b material and takes your post office receipt to the school to tell you to extend the F1 status.

April 9th ​​to April 13th

The Immigration Bureau began to draw lots, smashing the character and expecting good luck!

 April 16 to May 31

After learning the results of the lottery, the immigration authorities will issue them one after another.

The company accountant will know the result first, because the cheque will be first cashed, remember to check the account every day! If you are drawn, get Receipt

 June to July

The Immigration Department begins issuing I-797 Notice, and you will know if you are approved or need an RFE.

 August to October

H1B is approved or h1brfe

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