Have You Been Affected by Side Effects From a Sorin Stockert 3T Surgical Heater-Cooler Device?

Have You Been Affected by Side Effects From a Sorin Stockert 3T Surgical Heater-Cooler Device?

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Throughout the world, there have been numerous benefits from recent advances in science and technology.

Many of these benefits have been in the medical world and have positively affected the lives of millions. Medical professionals use science and technology advances to do their jobs better, and we all reap the benefits.

However, not all new medical devices are effectively designed. Some devices are poorly designed and not tested enough to prove their safe efficacy in real-world situations. For these devices and products, there can be dangerous results for patients, and in some cases, they may even be the cause additional deaths. As a result, medical lawsuits — like the Sorin 3T lawsuit — are often filed against medical device manufacturers.

About Surgical Heater-Cooler Devices

The Sorin Stockert 3T surgical heater and cooler is a device that is used often in hospitals and medical facilities. Like any other heater-cooler device, its main job is to cool or warm a patient’s temperature based on the (warm or cool) blood that is circulating through their heart-lung machine.

Heart-lung machines are used while a cardiopulmonary bypass is being performed or other such surgeries. It is often necessary in these situations to either cool or warm the body of the patient. Most of the time, the surgeries that require heater-cooler devices are those that involve the lungs and heart. The devices are considered “class II devices.”

These are known as cardiothoracic surgeries. Inside a heater-cooler device is water that is specially temperature controlled. It sits in a tank and is sent through cooling-warming blankets or external heat exchangers. These, in turn, heat or cool the patient’s overall body temperature.

The Case of the Sorin Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler Device

One of the most popular brands of heater cooler devices is the Sorin Stockert 3T heater-cooler and device. It is used and has been used in many surgeries involving the heart and lungs; however, medical experts have found serious flaws in its design. There have been defects in the airflow exhaust direction, no access to internal circuits and the water tank, a non-airtight water circuit, and air force venting flaws. Furthermore, manufacturing issues abound. For example, a serious bacteria called NTM M. Chimaera was found at the plant where the devices were created in Germany.

These problems have resulted in serious issues for patients. The CDC has reported that the presence of the invasive bacteria, most importantly, has cause infections in those who have recently undergone open-heart surgery around the world. This is a harmful bacteria, and it is extremely difficult for antibiotics to treat. Symptoms may be severe, and death may even result.

Contact a Lawyer for More Information on a Sorin 3T Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has recently undergone lung, heart, or liver surgery (within the past five years), check to see whether a heater-cooler device was used and which brand it was. If you have experienced any of the symptoms associated with this bacterial infection or other negative symptoms, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to learn how you may be able to receive compensation for your costly infection-related medical bills and pain and suffering.



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