Know Pancreatitis Better – Check The Causes And Other Factors!

Know Pancreatitis Better – Check The Causes And Other Factors!

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Pancreatitis is a digestive disorder related to the pancreas. The pancreas is a gland that produces hormones like insulin and important digestive enzymes. When the pancreas and the digestive system is working normally, the enzymes are released in the small intestine for digestion. In case of pancreatitis, the enzymes get activated in the pancreas, which irritates the cells of the gland, often causing abdominal pain. Here’s a quick take on causes of pancreatitis and how you can deal with the condition.

Check the causes

Many factors can eventually lead to pancreatitis. If the function of the pancreas is affected, the patient may suffer from various complications and can get diabetes too. In many cases, pancreatitis is caused by gallstones, which are formed in the gallbladder. Heavy drinking, surgery, and use of certain medications can also cause complications that may affect the pancreas. Smoking and high calcium in the blood are other two known cause of pancreatitis. Patients with a history of pancreatitis in the family are at a higher risk. Unexpected injury to the abdomen may also cause the condition. Studies have revealed that patients with pancreatic cancer may suffer from pancreatitis.

Talk to your doctor

Doctors and experts of United Surgical Partners International suggest seeing a doctor for consistent and frequenting abdominal pain. It can be related to other digestive disorders, and your doctor will typically ask a lot of questions before suggesting a few tests. In most cases, blood tests are done to find the level of pancreatic enzymes. For chronic pancreatitis, your stool will be tested too. CT is done in some cases to find the possible chances of gallstones. Ultrasound may help in checking inflammation of the gland.

Quick lifestyle related tips

Smoking and alcohol can make pancreatitis worse, so stop both right away. Talk to your doctor if you are addicted to either of these. Eating light and fresh foods is recommended to patients, so that the digestive system can stay at rest to the best possible extent. Avoid processed and junk food, and stay away from refined carbs. Stay hydrated because the condition can actually impact your hydration levels. If you have chronic pancreatitis, start yoga and meditation that will come handy for long-term relief. Pancreatic enzyme supplements can be taken with each meal, depending on the suggestions of your doctor.

Check online now to find more about pancreatitis, and don’t ignore abdominal pain.

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