Maintain a Sanitary Environment with Professional Laundry Services

Maintain a Sanitary Environment with Professional Laundry Services

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Maintaining a clean environment is a main goal of most eating establishments. There are many guidelines that must be followed when it comes to providing a food service to the public. When table linens, napkins, or washcloths are used, these must be cleaned on a regular basis. This requires proper sanitising techniques, and is usually done offsite by a professional company. Other businesses that use this type of service are places such as hotels. They must have bed linens and towels properly cleaned, as well. A sanitary environment is expected by guests of these establishments. A reputable service can help you achieve this. There are a few key items that get cleaned during this process.

Cleaning Clothes

If you have ever worked in a restaurant, you know that a large portion of the day is spent cleaning. Tables must be wiped down, counters must be kept free of debris, and even the windows often get cleaned twice a day. The same washcloths are probably used for all of these tasks. Bins in the back of a restaurant usually hold these items until they are ready for pick up by commercial laundry companies. The large quantities used in a day make it necessary to use commercial size washers and legitimate sanitising techniques. After all, these washcloths clean almost every surface in the restaurant.


Aprons are another item that may not make it through a day. The cooks mainly wear these in the kitchen to avoid grease and food items from ruining their clothes. The kitchen staff may work in various shifts throughout the day, changing aprons with each new group. It is extremely important that these items be clean, as they are an item that is worn by the staff, not just used to wipe things down. Aprons are often a dark colour so that food and grease do not show up as much.


Sheets at a hotel are often washed in a commercial washer, as well. This calls for services that come out more often, as entire sheet sets are often pulled from hundreds of rooms in one day. These must be sanitised, just like restaurant items. The company may also have to follow particular guidelines for sheets and towels. Hotels must run on a strict schedule and they need prompt delivery of clean items. They are taking on new guests daily, all requiring a clean room.

These are just a few items used daily in businesses that need to undergo proper sanitation. Many people use the napkins, aprons, and sheets that are cleaned by a professional service. It is usually not cost efficient to buy the equipment and wash items on site. There may also be sanitising procedures that cannot be easily accomplished at a restaurant or a hotel. The best way to keep things under control is to hire a professional. This ensures that linens are sanitised properly, allowing you to provide for your guests.

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