More Information on Pressure Treated Lumber You Need To Know

More Information on Pressure Treated Lumber You Need To Know

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What is Pressure Treated Lumber?

pressure treated lumber is a kind of wood that has gone through the process to make it more stable so that it is not subjected to rotting, termites or fungus. Pressure Treated Lumber is put to use for a plethora of applications like outdoor decking, utility poles, bridges, to docks. Pressure Treated Lumber is the ideal choice for outdoor carpentry projects like decks, tree houses, garages and sheds.


Wood and lumber experts control the availability of the pressure treated lumber in the market. No matter if they are treated and stocked by both CCA and arsenic-free treated lumber, it is entirely dependent on demand, treatment facilities, storage space and price. This case is similar when it comes to lumberyards and home centers. Also, space is considered generally at a premium and most will choose to stock only one kind of material.

Alternative Materials

The two most common alternatives are ACQ or Alkaline Copper Quat or CA-B or Copper Azole. You can control the decay by injecting a level of copper in the wood. If you want it for interior use, like on end-wall frames or benches, it would render lower retention and penetration than the way when it is in installed in the exterior.

ACQ or Alkaline Copper Quat is a nature-friendly substance that comprises copper oxide and a quaternary ammonium compound (quat). Copper azole comprises 96 percent copper and 4 percent tebuconazole— a fungicide that keeps the decay and insect attack at bay.


Check the quality stamp or an end tag on each piece of pressure treated wood. It will comprise the preservative used in it, its retention level, its exposure category like above ground, ground contact etc. and the name of the company that processed the treating of the lumber. These materials are duly inspected by the board of the country you reside in.


The establishment of the everlasting effectiveness of most of the new materials has not yet come to notice. The testing is still under progress at many of the locations. Treating materials like ACQ or Alkaline Copper Quat have been delivering its service in the market for at least 10 years and are deemed to be as effective as the CCA. Other materials like ACC or acid copper chromate, CC or ammoniacal copper citrate, and CX-A or Copper HDO are needed a long-term testing. Borate preservatives are safe to use, they are budget-friendly, however, they are quite soluble in water, they quickly leach out when it comes to soil application.

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