Some Reasons why Men suffer from Impotency

Some Reasons why Men suffer from Impotency

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One in every three men suffers from any sexual disorder. Impotency has no age. Various reasons are responsible for the impotency in men. But we can never say it is a chronic health disorder standing in today’s era when medical science has reached its pinnacle of success. Though proper diagnosis, medication and therapies, the issue of erectile dysfunction that is mainly said to be impotency in men can be cured. Good medicines along with impotence and harder erections vitamins are mainly suggested by the therapists or the physicians to come over the physical setback in men.

Here, some reasons of impotency in men are discussed. Along with different diseases, various other habits, addictions, and psychological reasons are involved with the formation of impotency in men. So, let’s take a look at that—


Diabetic men are prone to suffer from impotency. A recent study has proved it that how diabetic men lose interest in sex after some time and even if they try, some of them may suffer from erectile dysfunction or issues like premature ejaculation. It’s the increased amount of sugar in their blood that reduces the immunity and they lose the normal sex drive. By maintaining the physical disorder, diabetic men of any age can increase the libido and cure the issue of erectile dysfunction.

Cholesterol and heart diseases

Men with higher cholesterol rate and any heart disease suffer couldn’t hold the erection for a longer interval. Usually, the health situation and the drugs they take daily to maintain the disease often affect their sex life. There are many men that lose the normal sex drive because of the side effects of the heart medicines or the daily meds they take to balance their cholesterol levels.

Excessive Weight

Increased weight is responsible for erectile dysfunction. That’s why; there are many obese men that suffer from this similar sexual disorder. Excessive weight is also responsible for the loss of libido. Therefore, it’s necessary to balance weight to maintain a happy sex life.


User of substance, regular smoker and alcoholics suffer the worst sufferers of erectile dysfunction. Heavy smoker and consumer of alcohol often fail to reach the climax and ejaculate. The substance abusers also find it tough to maintain the hardness of the erection for long.

To enhance the normal libido, it is suggested to consult an expert physician who suggests exercises and alternative medicines for curing this issue.

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